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Ep.49 – 1989 (Taylor’s version) (Taylor Swift)

Episode 49: 1989 (Taylor’s version) (Taylor Swift). McCartney In Goal is the podcast that debates the great albums of pop music, using a competitive knock-out format. Today we’re discussing, 1989 (Taylor’s version) which was a re-recording of the fifth studio album by Taylor Swift. It was released on 27 October 2023.

Unlock the story behind Taylor Swift’s pop transformation from country darling to pop royalty with the latest spirited debate “track by track” by the McCartney In Goal team. The album includes loads of hits including “Welcome to New York”, Blank Space, Wildest Dreams, Shake It Off, Bad Blood and Style.

At the end of the showdown, the team will crown the ultimate ‘best song’ of “1989.” Will the infectious beat of “Shake It Off” claim the top spot, or does the timeless elegance of “Style” reign supreme? Tune in and listen as we declare the definitive anthem of Taylor Swift’s pop conquest, all the while weaving in playful trivia and humorous asides that guarantee to entertain Swifties and music buffs alike.

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