2 thoughts on “Ep.14 – Plastic Ono Band (John Lennon)

  • Dr J. Maggio

    I really like the podcast. Just listened to POB pod. … You say you cannot relate to “Yoko” sung in a song, but can you relate to “Michelle” or “Martha” or “Rita?” Can you relate to “Lovely Linda?”

    I think you guys really missed the boat on the POB. Besides Ram, it is really the only solo Beatles record that has a good reputation with folks under 30. It’s a masterpiece in the vein of “Blue,” and Greil Marcus claims John’s singing on the coda of God is the best singing in all of rock.

    Love the podcast, though.


  • All fair comments. I think we surprised ourselves at our own reactions to it. All three of us came to the recording thinking that we were going to be the lone voice of dissent. So, it was a bit shocking as the evening unfolded, as we all began to realise that everyone was going to give the album a rough ride. I think you are correct about age too – I definitely would have related more to it as a younger man. Now I am in my 40s, it just sounds like a bit of a moan…

    The comments about ‘Martha’, ‘Linda’ and ‘Rita’ are also fair. None of them bother me especially, though. I think they are all a bit more whimsical, so it doesn’t seem to jar as much. But that isn’t a terribly strong defence.

    Greil Marcus is right about God. Masterpiece.

    Ram is just the best thing ever. I would love to do it on the Podcast, but the others may take some convincing.

    Thanks for the feedback and thanks so much for listening.



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