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Ep.01 – Let It Be (The Beatles)

ARTIST: The Beatles
ALBUM: Let It Be
RELEASED: 8 May 1970
LABEL: Apple/Parlophone/EMI

Episode 1: Let It Be (The Beatles). McCartney In Goal is the podcast that debates and dissects the great albums of popular rock music using a competitive knock-out format. Today we’re discussing Let It Be, which is the twelfth and final studio album by The Beatles. It was released on 8 May 1970, almost a month after the group’s break-up. It contains the Beatles hits: Get Back, The Long And Winding Road and Let It Be.

Let It Be is the final Beatles final studio album, that was actually recorded prior to Abbey Road, but released afterwards in May 1970. The sessions for Let It Be were infamous for many years for arguments between the band as portrayed in the original Beatles TV documentary also titled: Let It Be. For many years the Let It Be documentary appeared to be a front row seat to the break up of the greatest band in history, but was that really the story? We take a look at the songs of the original Let It Be album and debate which songs we like and the stories behind them.

Topics discussed:

00.00 – Welcome to our podcast

02:30 – Puns

04:15 – Is Let It Be a failure of an album? What was the big idea for Let It Be?

05:30 – Was Paul McCartney was the leader of the Beatles by 1966?

06:53 – The first qualifier: I Me Mine vs Dig A Pony

07:24 – [MUSIC] Dig A Pony

11:30 – [MUSIC] I Me Mine

13:18 – The second qualifier: Dig It v Maggie Mae

13:52 – [MUSIC] Dig It

14:10 – Did Paul McCartney push the band too far with the Let It Be album concept?

15:40 – [MUSIC] Maggie Mae

16:00 – To what extent is Let It Be Naked significantly better than the original Let It Be album?

19:00 – The third qualifier: One After 909 v Across The Universe

20:50 – [MUSIC] One After 909

22:00 – [MUSIC] Across The Universe

23:32 – The fourth qualifier: The Long And Winding Road v For You Blue

23:59 – [MUSIC] For You Blue

24:48 – What other George Harrisons songs could have been on the Let It Be album?

30:28 – The Quarter Finals

30:38 – First quarter final: Two Of Us v Dig A Pony

31:00 – [MUSIC] Two Of Us (demo)

31:45 – The infamous argument in the recording sessions between George Harrison and Paul McCartney

32:30 – The narrative of the original Let It Be TV documentary 

36:59 – Second quarter final: Maggie Mae v Get Back

37:22 – Third quarter final: I’ve Got A Feeling v Across The Universe

41:45 – Fourth quarter final: The Long And Winding Road v Let It Be

43:25 – [MUSIC] Let It Be

45:36 – [MUSIC] The Long And Winding Road

49:05 – First semi final: Two Of Us v Get Back

49:58 – [MUSIC] Get Back

51:37 – Second semi final: I’ve Got A Feeling v Let It Be

52:13 – [MUSIC] I’ve Got A Feeling

53:50 – The final: Two Of Us v I’ve Got A Feeling

56:19 – [MUSIC] Two Of Us

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